After attempting to write the Developer Role and Responsibilties list, my vp of engineering asked that I create a Junior Developer Role and Responsibilies list. This was not easy as there are very few resources, i.e. Stackoverflow, Quora, blogs. Here is my first pass at writing one.

# Junior Developer #


Junior Developers are responsibile for honing and advancing their craft as software engineers. Their job is to pair with leads, architects and other team members. Junior Developers should trive to to gain as much exposure and understanding as possible to all layers of the stack, programming paradigms and practices. A junior developer should look to focus on a single layer, language and tool set of the stack. A junior developer should be able to identify components of the application and infrastructure in their domain. Junior Developers are expected to learn the proper lexicon and terminology for the domains they work in. Junior Developers are expected to ask questions until their understanding of a subject matter is clear for their purposes.


Specific responsibilities of the Junior Developer include:

  • Pair with other developers and learn the software development process and life cycle of a feature request
  • Continue to learn and hone skills as software engineer
  • Focus on depth of knowledge and expertise in a certain language, tool set and area of the stack
  • Raise questions and clarify any ambiguity the junior developer has with an idea or process
  • Hunt and fix bugs
  • Evaluate, assess and recommend software solutions
  • Design and model solutions that fit the problem domain

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24 August 2015