Five Questions is the ongoing blog post series, that I am attempting to write, that will keep seeking answers to questions that I normally take for granted or simply don’t ask.

It’s all about having a “beginner’s mind.”

What is Kubernetes?

Demistifying Kubernetes

In short, Kubernetes handles container orchestration so that you don’t have to. It is one thin layer of abstraction above the vm level. Kubernetes can boot containers on existing VMs, decided that a new VM needs to be spun up and boot a container on that new VM, even decide that a new VM is acting-a-fool and handle it with care.

What is the Redis HyperLogLog?

What is the HyperLogLog

The HyperLogLog is an algorithm that uses randomization to approximate the number of unique values in a set. It uses a small constant amount of memory. There is no limit to the number of elements you can count until you approach 2 ^ 64. Wild.

Ubuntu: How to open any file?

Use the command xdg-open [file]. Ubuntu will open the file with the default application set.

I put an alias in my .bashrc file.

$ echo "alias open_file='xdg-open'" >> ~/.bashrc
$ open_file
# => opens "" in Mark My Words markdown editor

How does a “turbo engine” work?


The turbo charger, through engineering, pulls hot air from the combustion chamber, and feeds cool air to the combustion chamber making the combustion cycle faster and more efficient.

What are the steps to legally possess a firearm in Chicago?

30 Days + $400 and you, too, can possess a firearm in Chicago. Here are the rules


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21 September 2015