Here’s another 5 questions I asked myself this week and my quick findings.

How many births by city per year

I was wondering house many births there are by city per year. Looks like the cdc has data here; find state birth rates here. Nothing on cities per se.

Whats the significance of the Mandelbrot set?

A friend at Hashrocket made a comment about Mandelbrot and I was too proud to ask him to elaborate so I decided to look up the Mandelbrot significance. Thanks to Reddit for the answer. What’s the significance? Doesn’t sound like much.

hy are Mandelbrot sets so significant? What can they be used for?

How was cocaine discovered?

After watching Narcos, I wanted to see what the deal was with the drug. Apparently Coca leaves have been used since 3000 BC(E). Cocaine was extracted from the leave, first, in 1859 by a German chist named Alber Niemann. By 1905, there were 5000 US deaths and we banned the substance. And Sigmund Freud loved it. More here

What is unionfs?

UnionFS is a stackable unification file system. You can merge contents of different directories. It makes sense by Docker uses this type of file system for building out containers. You can merge/stack different applications, files, etc into your container, make commits, and see the build by its commit history. It’s… brillaint. Check out the Unionfs here

What are cgroups?

Control Groups, also known as Cgroups, are a way to allow the kernel to limit and isolate resource usage (mem, disk space, i/o) for a collection of processes.

Read the wiki or watch this video for more usage.

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27 September 2015