The Problem

Look, I am going to level with you. When I start learning a general purpose language in the shell, the first thing I do is look at how to create a “Hello World” program. When I start learning a big, fat, every-thing-but-the-kitchen-sink web framework, I look at how to create a blogging app. When I hear that a web framework is thin, and “lightweight” I look at how to write a url shortener. These are the starting points when I am learning how to write in new languages. So when I heard about this new playa on tha block, Beego, and when I heard him calling himself “Sinatra-inspired,” I was like, “Oh snap! I gotsta write how to create a url shortener in this thang.”

So here we go!

The Solution

Create a new application

First I opened my favorite shell and used the Bee tools package

$ bee new beego_url

This creates a nice directory tree and starter files that you can read about in the beautiful documentation they provide.

$ go build main.go && ./main

Navigate to http://localhost:8080

Just Bootstrap it!

You should see something pretty! Now, I am no fan of design, because I believe I am design-non-inclined, so I added in some boostrap.

To test the new app build it (you apparently can’t run it :/)

Lets get down to the muthascratchin code!

Final Thoughts

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03 August 2013